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“send to friend” feature in Azureus beta

June 29, 2006

I just installed the newest Azureus beta, and noticed a new little green icon next to each of my torrents. It turns out it’s for sending torrents to friends, or blogging them – so let’s see what it does:

Download ubuntu-6.06-alternate-i386.iso

OK… So that’s what it does. 🙂 On closer examination the icon is of a white page with a green arrow on it, but the icon is displayed on a white background making the page part almost invisible. Still, it’s a beta, so what do you expect?


FreeNX rgb.txt configuration

June 21, 2006

I recently installed FreeNX. It's a very fast remote-desktop server – like VNC or Remote Desktop, only much faster over slow connections.

All was well until I tried running Emacs inside a FreeNX session. Emacs refused to start, complaining:

Undefined color: "black".

It turned out that FreeNX's nxagent program has the path to X's rgb.txt file hardcoded inside itself:

$ strings /usr/lib/nx/nxagent | grep /rgb

Whereas the real location of rgb.txt is /etc/X11/rgb.txt. I worked around this by making a symlink:

sudo ln -s /etc/X11/rgb.txt /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/

Then when FreeNX looks in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11 for rgb.txt, it can find it, and Emacs is able to start up.

The Sound of Storensay

June 17, 2006

My friend Peter is writing a book.  I've been helping him get the website for the book up and running.  After a hideous day with the website's crappy website builder software I persuaded him to switch over to a simple hosting account, so I can update the site using FTP instead of having to fight with the nasty WYSIWYG site editor.

The site is here: The Sound of Storensay

Oh, fuck off, you fucking stapler

June 12, 2006

A funny scene about 10 minutes into episode 7 of series 2 of Green Wing:

Martin is in Sue's office asking advice about how to spend his scratchcard winnings.  Sue is working a ventriloquist's dummy…

Martin: Right.  I have enough money to get rid of me debts, right, and buy a really nice jacket, but, not enough money to buy a castle.

Sue: Right, an-and-and do you want a castle?

Martin: No.

Sue: What do you want then?

Martin: Uh, well I just wanna be told, you know, what, what is the best way to spend my money so that I don't feel guilty once it's all gone.

Sue: Yeah well that's, um, that's, um.  That is, that is a tricky one.

Martin: Yeah, I know.

Sue: Let me think, um, what to do, what to do?

Dummy: Give Sue White all the money.

Martin: Gi… What, what was that?  G… What did you say?

Sue: I didn't say anything.  I was just, you know, thinking.

Martin: Just thinking out loud.

Sue: No, no.  Just.  Just time.  Lemme think.

Dummy: Give Sue White all the money.  Go on.  Give it to Sue.  Give it to Sue.

Stapler: No, I don't want to … give…

Dummy: Oh, fuck off, you fucking stapler.