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Job Offer, and Another Poor Quiz Performance

April 28, 2006

After months of not working, I had an email today from Sean who I used to work with, telling me there was a contract at Orange, and did I want it. I replied in the affirmative. It seems the funding hasn't been sorted out yet, but it looks like I could well be back in employment some time soon.



My Gmail came back

April 21, 2006

After being down for 13 days, my Gmail account came back early this morning.  Google didn't answer any of my questions about what the "unusual activity" on my account was, whether it would be OK to attempt backing up my emails using POP3 again, or anything else that I asked them.

Veronica Mars Episode Guides

April 18, 2006

OPEN CASE: Veronica Mars has interesting writeups on each Veronica Mars episode.

Google Lockdowns

April 17, 2006

I was just surfing around trying to find if anyone else was having a similar problem to me, and found this.

72 Hours Later

April 17, 2006

So I was told that my account would be back "within 24 hours", but that was over 72 hours ago. I've sent a few more emails to the Gmail team complaining about this, and now I have a response:


How satisfied are you with your overall Gmail experience?

April 15, 2006

About a month ago my primary Gmail account started playing up. I noticed that most times I tried to use the webmail interface to read my mail it wouldn't let me log in, and on the rare occasion that it did let me in, it would freeze up after a minute or two. My other Gmail account was fine, but I had never used it for anything, so none of my mail was going to that address.